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Good Governing Is About People NOT the Party – Centrists Are Needed!
 “Hard partisanship is having negative impacts on Oregonians.”


End One-party Rule

A Centrist to End One-party Rule
·       Bring back accountability for government spending
·       Treat businesses as key economic partners
·       Attract and retain jobs
“We’re businesspeople voting for Alistair because he’ll shake up Salem. Governing from the middle will have better outcomes than polarizing, partisan agendas.” Elizabeth & Jason Hills, Democrats

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Prioritize Community Safety

A Centrist to Prioritize Community Safety
·       Defunding the police results in rising crime rates
·       Reallocate funding to increase law enforcement, training and retention
·       Demand accountability in criminal justice systems
“Police and First Responders are essential to the safety and well-being of communities. Alistair is all about long term planning, not knee-jerk politically motived decisions.” Graciani Valderrama, retired Deputy Sheriff, Republican

End Homeless Catastrophe

A Centrist to End Homeless Catastrophe
·       Move the unsheltered off the streets into rehabilitation facilities
·       Face and address mental health and substance abuse issues
·       Re-allocating monies must replace throwing money at problems without objectives
“Alistair has a practical and compassionate approach to the crisis. No longer should the unsheltered and the squalor remain on our streets. Allowing tent cities negatively affects businesses and neighborhoods.” Aaron Rapf, Lake Oswego City Councilor, Independent

Improve Public Schools

A Centrist to Improve Public Schools
·       Raise expectations and standards
·       There should be no partisan way to learn to read, write or count
·       Oregon students must be competitive in the job market of their choice
“Alistair will connect diverse views and bring dialogue and balance back to state government.” Drew Kaza, Co-Chair Independent Party of Oregon.

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