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About Alistair

A fresh more balanced perspective is clearly needed for a better Oregon. Alistair tackles challenges head on. He understands that the problems in our communities are not R or D problems. His willingness to work across party lines for solutions will bring back centrist solutions that will move this state forward.” Claudia Valderrama, Portland Business Executive.

A Choice

The early stages of a decision to make Oregon home began on the Firmin honeymoon at Crater Lake and the Oregon coast twenty-three years ago. So, in 2008, Alistair and Kate chose to accept a job that required relocation to Oregon, where they eventually settled with their four children. Born on the East coast to two immigrant parents, his mom was an elementary school teacher and dad was a former British army officer who worked in construction for over 40 years. Career opportunities to leave the state presented themselves, but Alistair and Kate opted instead to stay in Oregon - a state to which he is committed and one about which he is passionate. It is this passion that caused him to run for the open seat in House District 38. The owner of a small business specializing in leadership and management development, Alistair will bring to state government much needed change, balance and a new approach to problems. 

Well Grounded

Father of two Lake Oswego public school graduates with two currently in Lake Oswego public schools, Alistair is also a product of public education. The value of a great work ethic was taught as early as 12 when he was a paper boy in junior high school, then in high school when he was a stock boy for a local retail shop, and finally as a summer counselor, where he learned to inspire campers at a high adventure camp. Service to customers was ingrained in him during college when he was a hotel front desk clerk. Being a member of lacrosse, ice hockey and ski teams all contributed to the team approach he now takes for problem solving.  Alistair is a prior Board Chair of both OMSI and Youth Villages (ChristieCare) and is currently an Executive in Residence at Technology Association of Oregon and on the board of the Cascade Pacific Council of Scouts, BSA. He has handled multi – million-dollar budgets in his professional life and with non-profits. He believes strongly that state government must deliver value to Oregonians for the amount of money they pay in taxes.

Achieving Middle Ground

Alistair is not a fan of hard party labels and starts from the premise that dialogue on differing views can produce positive results. Not a career politician, he is intent on helping tilt Oregon back to the middle. He has watched as one-party rule and now a supermajority in Salem has caused Oregon to get seriously off track. He is committed to turning Oregonians current disappointment and anger into dialogue, action and positive outcomes. Alistair Firmin has never been afraid to stick his neck out and lead. He has never been afraid to seek consensus for the greater good. He finds solutions that sometimes mean compromise and he views that as a sign of strength not weakness. A more balanced legislature with more centrists will create a better Oregon. Alistair asks for your vote this November so that much needed change can result in a better Oregon.

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